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All Iran' Advanced and specialized download and conversion capability without the need for smart damping with automatic detection

* All Iran Khodro and Saipa Issues

* All nodes of Iran Khodro network

Ability to read switch code and advanced key definition with very simple and easy to use

* All Iran Khodro and Saipa cars and other car companies

Advanced and smart kilometer correction capability for all Iran Khodro and Saipa vehicles

Advanced and intelligent tuning and ramping capability for the first time in the country

* Modify fan temperature performance

* Remove oxygen sensor

* Remove valve drive

* Increased cut-offs

* And ...

For all the sisat family of sisem, bush, sagem, valo, ssat

Troubleshoot all cars and units and nodes and support most automotive brands

Supports all CAN, KWP2000, ISO9141, ISO15765-4 protocols…

Backup (save) capability for storing and storing ISSIO primary dummie

Capable of connecting to the computer to transfer the desired damp to the memory card

Remote software upgrade capability without having to send the device to the company (fast and easy)

No need for a laptop or computer and comfortable in shipping

Features a color display with an easy-to-use interface, easy to use and easy to use in shops and training centers

Featuring durable, fully industrial hardware and body with jelly protection

Featuring top quality connectors

Featured in high quality industrial leather bagss cars program , keys,immo off,reset ecu and many other fanctions

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XTool made their mark in the automotive repair industry by creating extremely versatile and affordable diagnostic scan tools. Each AutoProPAD ships complete with the comprehensive library of diagnostics software that made XTool famous.

OBD Tools


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